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Optimizing Cross-Functional Collaboration

The Intersection of Product Management and Talent Development








Products & Services in the Connected World

Winning at Global Product Management


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In this podcast Jonas Klink, VP Shopping Experience Product for, shares great wisdom on how to optimize these critical relationships.  

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Many physical product companies are finding themselves dealing more and more with technology and the connected world… that is, their products must interact with many other products, platforms and technologies.


Launching and managing products across various global regions takes a special mindset and process. Whether it’s differing laws and regulations or differing cultural aspects, there are nuances that must be accounted for in every new market entered. We can’t just throw products into new markets without a lot of investigating and preparation.

Organizations are keenly focused on developing their most important asset... their people. Talent Management and Learning & Development are strategic functions within best-in-class organizations, and they partner with Product Management groups to ensure Product Managers have the unique skills needed to be successful.

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Product Managers must be story-tellers and data analysts, leaders and doers, visionaries and tacticians. In short, we must be well-rounded.


Waterfall or Agile? It Turns Out It Really Doesn't Matter

When I started in product management in the early 2000s, my company exclusively used the “waterfall” development methodology. We were the epitome of a linear-driven organization with our phased scoping documents, business cases, product requirements documents (PRDs) and development plans.   Read more...

Yes, Product Managers Really are Superheroes (No Exaggeration!)

5 Soft Skills That All Successful Product Managers Have Mastered

Product management is a combination of both art and science. A big part of the “art” are soft skills… those personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Read more... 



2018 PDMA Conference 

Session: Is Your Organization Customer-Focused or Customer-Ruled?

Is your organization customer-focused or customer-ruled? Many organizations pride themselves on being customer-focused, which is typically a good thing. However, ask yourself if your product backlog and roadmap are full of one-off client requests and custom features because being “customer-focused” means never saying “no”. If so, you’re probably being ruled by your customers, which is much different than being focused on your customers.   More info

Video coming soon


Product Innovation: Common Pitfalls of B2B Organizations


All organizations strive to innovate.  So why do so many companies, especially B2B companies, fall short on truly innovating?  View on Slideshare

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